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    Changing the Status Quo of Africa China Relations

  • What We Do

    Market Entry, Cultural Engagement, and Investment Facilitation

    Market Entry for Premium African Brands in China

    We aim to change the nature of Africa-Asia trade by introducing high-quality, value-added African products and brands into Asian markets and supporting them to thrive.

    Today, ‘Made in Africa’ products are increasingly of high-quality, globally relevant and proudly telling a story of innovation, youthful dynamism, and rich culture and traditions.


    We thus believe that Africa is ready to move beyond being an exporter of primary products to Asia and the world, and an importer of higher-value, manufactured products to one where it has prominent place in the world’s marketplace of consumer goods. We also believe that greater exposure to African products in Asian marketplaces will help to play a critical role in changing societal perceptions of Africa in Asia.


    Given this, we carefully select and work with brands and products that tell Africa’s burgeoning story and that have the potential to shift the status quo towards greater export of high-value African products into Asia.

    Deepen Cultural Ties & Understanding

    We aim to facilitate meaningful cultural connections between Africa and China

    China is Africa's largest trading partner, and this trade dates back to over 600 years ago when the trader Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty first landed on the East Coast of Africa. In addition, there are now over 50,000 Africans studying in China, which surpasses the number of African students in North America and Europe combined. However, despite these extensive linkages, there is low cultural awareness and understanding on both sides.


    Kente and Silk aims to address the gap in information and the negative perceptions that impact the Africa-China relationship. We aim to facilitate partnerships between Chinese and African universities and other organizations to support academic and cultural understanding and collaboration.


    We also organize cultural events and forums aimed at promoting deepened relationships between China and Africa. For example, we are organizing a week of cultural activities and dialogues to celebrate Africa Day on May 25th. For more details visit: Africa Week


    Investment Facilitation

    We aim to support African actors engage strategically with China


    We support African private sector and government players strategically attract Chinese investment. We aim to support African clients articulate and execute their China strategy – identify areas of mutually aligned interest, capabilities and the corresponding appropriate actors.

  • Who We Are

    We are driven by a team of consultants, practitioners and scholars passionate about Sino-Africa affairs and committed to improving African agency within the relationship  

    Wide Range of Skill Sets

    Our team is comprised of individuals with a wide range of skill sets and expertise in consulting, financial analysis, stakeholder management, marketing and entrepreneurship

    Passionate & Dynamic

    Young, and dynamic we are determined to be proponents of change and work towards realizing greater mutually beneficial engagement between China & Africa


    Members of our team are ethnically, culturally and educationally diverse. They've lived and worked across the world, and bring diverse perspectives to the table

  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

    Zahra Baitie


    Zahra Baitie is a Ghanaian, Lebanese and British Sino-Africa scholar and consultant. Educated in Ghana, the United States, and China she considers herself a globally minded-citizen with a pan-African spirit.


    Passionate about African development and agency in world affairs, Zahra has previously worked as a consultant for Dalberg Global Development Advisors and Econet Wireless where worked in several African countries - Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe. Her work has focused on institutional building, strategic planning for governments and private actors, designing youth employment and agricultural development programs, and supporting investment facilitation.


    Fluent in Mandarin, Zahra has spent extensive time living and traveling across China and is driven to improve Sino-Africa affairs. She believes increased African agency in the Africa-China relationship is pivotal to reap the potential benefits of China's engagement in Africa, and is thus driven to contribute to that cause. Zahra graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor's in Global Affairs, and is now pursuing her Masters in Global Affairs at the Schwarzman Scholars Program at Qinghua university with a focus on public policy and Sino-Africa affairs.

    Miatta Momoh

    Africa Week Business Development Manager

    Born to a family of Sierra Leonean creators and innovators, Miatta has over 10 years of unique media publishing experience. From the Media Publishing Edgware Road in London, to the Social Enterprise Chinese Belt and Road - Miatta Momoh now finds herself in Beijing on her fifth passion project, as she prepares to graduate with a MBA from one of the world’s leading business schools – Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management.


    Since living in Beijing from August 2016, she has already managed content and marketing for a range of small groundbreaking startups and big bold enterprises like JD.com. This gives her an insightful perspective, for captivating Chinese and International audiences with the right ideas. She is currently writing research on Agricultural Business, to improve China and Africa business alliances, and sustainable development initiatives, that also drive good social impact cross-culturally.


    Miatta takes passion in engaging with different Beijing communities and delights in being a source of support through her proactive servant leadership attitude. Her Africa-China Story has been a miraculous adventure. Her role volunteering as Business Development Manager, at China’s first ever Africa Week will certainly be one exciting pivotal chapter.

    Mikka Kabugo

    Africa Week Partner

    Mikka Kabugo is a student at Peking University Health Science Center hailing from Kampala, Uganda. He moved to China 5 years ago to pursue a Medical Degree starting in Xi'an Jiaotong University then moving to Shandong University where he studied Mandarin and Medical Chinese.

    Mikka is currently the President of the Peking University African Students' Association that has been a fore runner in representing African students as an organisation in Beijing.

    With keen interest in Fine Art, Design and Culture Mikka has navigated through school whilst still keenly expressing his art through portraiture and live paintings at various exhibitions, charity fundraisers and social gatherings especially amongst the Black and greater African Community in Beijing.

    Nimo Wanjau

    Africa Week Communications Manager

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