Empowering Africa-China Social Entrepreneurship



Calling all Africa-China social innovators and disruptors

Kente & Silk’s African start-up pitch competition is a platform for Africa-China entrepreneurial talent to shine. Following the advancement of social innovation and a need to create solutions that help our new COVID-19 world, all competition applicants MUST enter with social impacting products or services.

If you want this unique chance to be mentored, funded, connected and registered as a promising Africa-China related business in Beijing then apply by completing the form below

The following competition prizes will be rewarded: 

  1. Beijing Africa Week Prize Fund – to be confirmed at the final as these finances are raised from the events and sponsorship of Beijing Africa Week. 
  2. A registered business at Beijing’s Haidian Pioneer Park Incubator
  3. Access to mentors 
  4. Access to Africa-China business Influencers and communities
  5. Ongoing support from K & S  – this competition was inspired by Black Livity China who asked how we can support black businesses in China. This inspired K & S to champion African entrepreneurship, as we celebrate Africa in China for Africa Week. 

Finalists will be judged on: 

  1. Social Impact – How can your start-up solution effectively solve the social problem/s?
  2. Purpose & Industry – What is your start-up’s Africa-China related purpose in the following industries Agriculture, Energy Conservation and Environment Protection, Medical & Health, A.I, Software, IT, Consultancy and Services?
  3. Market Validation – Does your start-up’s service or product have a good market fit? 
  4. Innovation – How is your start-up’s solution transforming a market and what is your competitive advantage?
  5. Strategy – What is your start-up’s value proposition and how will you deliver that to your target market for sustainable business growth?
  6. Traction – Where is the measurable evidence that your start-up’s solution/s has growth potential?
  7. Team – How do your start-up’s team dynamics and experience support your ability to deliver business goals and the mission?

To apply your start-up MUST HAVE

  1. An African Founder or Co-founder that is active in the daily affairs of the business. 
  2. An African Founder or Co-founder based in China.
  3. Started less than 3 years ago/ less than 3 years old.
  4. A clear business connection to Africa/ Africans in China and/or Africa-China relations
  5. Create social impact – your business results must provide benefits to a community/ and or create well-being value for society.

The competition application deadline is on June 7th at 23:59 PM

Apply by completing this form:

Personal Details

Start-up Details

Who is your target audience? What is your social problem and how are you solving it?
How you will make revenue?

Be sure that all information provided is verified and valid.