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    Strategic Advisory Services

    We believe Africa-China engagement should be defined by strategic engagement on both sides.

    We support our clients develop actionable strategies to maximise the potential of Africa-China relations for their businesses or organisations. Our strategies equip our clients with information on market opportunities and trends in Africa and/or China, and insights on how to capture them, including partnership and investment opportunities that exist.


    We support our African clients, understand and leverage the investment, market and partnership opportunities China offers their business. For example, we provide insight and support to clients seeking to export premium African products into China or those seeking to understand Chinese technological innovations and and ways to collaborate to drive Africa's tech sector.


    We work with our Chinese clients understand ways to invest and engage with Africa in sustainable and effective ways. We provide pivotal local insights and supporting our Chinese clients develop strategies that capture African realities and realise the promise of 'win-win' partnerships.

    Implementation Support

    Africa-China engagement must go beyond plans and targets and be defined by effective, thoughtful and impactful action

    We believe it is critical to go beyond just providing recommendations and so we also offer implementation support where we work closely with our clients to implement their Africa-China strategy.


    Our implementation support services takes strategic recommendations and plans, and turns them into reality. We represent our clients at trade fairs, engage strategic stakeholders on behalf of our clients, plan and host events, and facilitate technical assistance training workshops.

    Public Goods & Events

    Africa-China engagement should involve everyday people and aim to strengthen human-to-human understanding and connections

    We believe that Africa-China engagement must go beyond impressive state level conferences and engagement. Increased trade relations have led to significant migration of peoples between Africa and China, but this movement has not led to increased cultural understanding. Biases, stereotypes and problematic perceptions still exist.


    Kente & Silk aims to elevate Africa-China engagement through creating public goods that provide meaningful opportunities for Africans and Chinese to engage with one another. In May 2018, we successfully planned and executed Beijing's first-ever Africa Week. Read more about it here: Africa Week

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